When Jacob Kasaboski applied to be a nursing support assistant with Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) in June, little did he know the role would inspire a whole new career path.

He heard about the position from his mom, Jennifer Kasaboski, who works with KHSC’s Professional Practice department.

“I thought...Read more

Every shift Marcel Cernik averages about 16 thousand steps, but some days it can get as high as 34 thousand if he works overtime.

He’s a porter at our Hotel Dieu Hospital site and has been for the last 16 years.

Cernik is on his feet 24/7 and every step...Read more

Exciting new technology in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) is now bringing parents and caregivers that much closer to their infant children at the most critical time in their young lives.

This month, KHSC introduces vCreate, a secure video messaging service that enables...Read more

Compassionate concern for patients’ welfare and happiness ✔

Exhibits and performs outstanding patient care ✔

Positive effect on others ✔

Those are just some of the reasons why Dr. Yuka Asai was named the 2021 Derm of the Year by the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance, but trust us the list...Read more

For more than 20 years, Emma Hum has been helping stroke patients regain their ability to swallow safely and recover their communications skills.

The speech language pathologist works on Kidd 7, an acute stroke unit, at Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s Kingston General Hospital site.

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If you’ve ever ordered a BLT in the Brockview Café at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC), chances are Margie Callaghan served up that sandwich in record time.

Long familiar to Café patrons at KHSC’s Hotel Dieu Hospital site, Margie is clocking 20 years on the job this month and getting...Read more

Pediatric, ear/nose/throat and gastroenterology patients are among those who will benefit from the generosity of KHSC Volunteer Services to Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) Site thanks to a generous $73,934 donation presented by the organization to the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation on August 17.

The funds will support the purchase of...Read more

Her smile is one of the first new employees with Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) are greeted with, virtually.

As the facilitator of new employee welcome, part of Akshaya Arun’s job is to make sure new hires are set up for success.

“No pressure!” she laughs. “Jokes apart, starting a...Read more

She may not wear a cape (yet), but Carol Foley does have some superhero strength. 

As the ambulance non ambulance transfer clerk, it’s her job to make sure discharged patients or individuals leaving Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) sites for appointments get where they need to be.

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Many of the activities that are part of a daily routine - like going to the bathroom, getting dressed, or taking a shower- can be impacted by illness or injury and a subsequent hospital stay. That’s where occupational therapists like Sara FitzPatrick step in. 

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