To better meet the needs of the growing number of patients, the Hospital Board appealed to the community in 1892 for funds to construct a women's hospital, a proper laundry, and an up-to-date surgical facility. Construction of the Doran Building, the site of the new women's hospital, began in 1893...Read more

On the morning of Christmas Eve in 1897, fire broke out in the St. George's Ward of the then 35-year-old Watkins wing. One of the orderlies, preparing the wax to polish the floors, spilled turpentine on an open flame, igniting the fire. The fire hydrants were frozen so hoses had...Read more

In December 1889, the Hospital Board resolved that, "...a new building be erected for the Hospital to be connected with the Main Building by a covered corridor with accommodation for infectious diseases, for the Superintendent, for the Nurses and also for the laundry." This resolution was acted upon after the...Read more

As the population of Kingston grew rapidly after the War of 1812, physicians expressed concern that greater care be given to the sick poor. A voluntary organization was established for such a purpose in 1817, and in 1820 the Female Benevolent Society began providing medical care to the poor out...Read more