Researcher Profiles

Petri dish for science research

Exceptional research teams are the heart and soul of a great research institute. At KHSC, we're committed to creating a culture that attracts and retains innovative and collaborative scientists who thrive in a translational environment. We work hard to foster multidisciplinary discovery and we're proud of our ability to recruit and work with top clinician scientists from around the world.

As a clinician, I make a difference for my patients – but as a scientist, I make a difference for everybody's patients.

— Dr. Graeme Smith, Clinician-Scientist, KGHRI

Khaled Osman Zaza

Research Area:
Radiation Oncology
School of Medicine

David Zelt

Research Area:

Boris Zevin

Research Area:

Shetuan Zhang

Research Area:
Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

Jina Zhang-Salomans

Research Area:
Cancer Research Institute