Discharge / going home

Our goal is to get you back home as quickly and as safely as possible. We start working toward this goal the moment you arrive. As you are preparing to leave the hospital, we understand that you may have lots of questions. Your care team is there to answer them for you and help ease your mind as you prepare to return home. Here are a few questions you may consider asking your care team before you leave the hospital.

  • Will I have to pick up a prescription before I go?
  • What kind of transportation do I need?
  • What type of care will I need? Will I need someone to stay with me?
  • What kinds of symptoms should I watch for and who should I call if something doesn’t feel right?
  • What medication should I take? How should I take it? What about side effects?
  • What foods should I eat? What foods should I avoid?
  • When can I go back to work or school? When can I exercise and drive again?
  • Will I need follow-up appointments? Who will make them?

Whenever possible, try to have a family member, friend or caregiver with you when you leave the hospital. It's always important to remember that you should avoid driving for some period of time after your surgery. If you don't have a family member or friend available to drive you home, please speak to a member of the care team who may be able to help you arrange another transportation option. Please be aware, that even if staff help you arrange a ride home, you will be responsible for the cost of the transportation.