Follow-up care / visits

After your surgery is complete you will likely be contacted by your surgeon's office or your family doctor's office to book a post-operative appointment so they may monitor your recovery. Other community resources may also be available to you depending on your needs. 

Support outside of the hospital

A Home and Community Care case manager may visit you while you are in the hospital. Although most of our patients do not need in-home care, a case manager can help you arrange for services if you need them, including in-home nursing, therapy and help with personal care. 

If you are an elderly patient, there are also supports available to assist you and your family/caregivers if you need extra care in order to leave the hospital. While in the hospital you may ask a member of your care team to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.

In these instances, Home and Community Care will help plan for in-home professional services, including nursing and personal care assistance. Working with the hospital social worker they will assist you and your family in planning for services after discharge. This team will also work with community agencies to support you at home or while you wait for a vacancy in a long-term care home. They are specialists in home-help, including meals, homemaking and transportation. 

If you were already receiving services at home before coming to the hospital, your in-hospital care team will work with you and your family and/or caregivers to ensure you receive appropriate supports when you return home. For those outside of the hospital wanting more information, Home and Community Care may be reached at 613-310-2222.