Student Volunteer Education Bursary

The Student Volunteer Education Bursary (the “Bursary”) is a financial grant awarded to student(s) who have volunteered at the Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) site, the funds of which will enable the student to continue studies at a post-secondary institution (i.e. university or college) in the health care field, services and/or setting.

KHSC Volunteer Services to Hotel Dieu Hospital Site (“Volunteer Services to HDH”) may provide a Bursary of up to a maximum of $2,000 annually to student volunteer(s) selected based on the criteria outlined below. The amount of a Bursary may be awarded to one individual or divided among several recipients. If there are no suitable applicants, the Bursary will not be awarded in that year.


A candidate must be enrolled as a full or part-time student at a post-secondary institution and is pursuing an academic program in the health care field, services and/or setting.

A worthy candidate is a dedicated, enthusiastic and active volunteer who consistently strives to work to uphold HDH’s mission, vision and values and has performed well in their volunteer duties. In doing so, he/she has been a student volunteer at the HDH site for the equivalent of one academic year and has demonstrated a high level of consistency in attendance (at least 90%) throughout their volunteer service at HDH.

The Bursary must only be used for education-related expenses for the course/program in which the student is currently enrolled e.g. tuition/registration fee, books. The Bursary cannot be used to fund any other expenses such as accommodation, food, travel etc.


Applications are assessed by representatives of Volunteer Services to HDH in March with the Bursary awarded by late March (either in advance of when the course fee is due or reimbursed upon proof of payment).

Recipient(s) will be invited to either the Volunteer Services to HDH’s Spring General Meeting (April) or Annual General Meeting (autumn). Announcement of the Bursary award will be included in Volunteer Services newsletters and on the KHSC intranet.

Once the recipient has completed his/her course or program, it is appreciated if a short report, highlighting how the course is of benefit and how it is leading to his/her career pursuits, is submitted to Volunteer Services to HDH.


Interested student volunteers must complete and submit a Student Volunteer Education Bursary Application , which includes details of the applicant’s current education program (including Proof of Acceptance), career pursuits and his/her need for financial assistance.

In addition, the applicant is asked to briefly describe his/her personal background, work experience as well as other volunteer, community and/or extracurricular activities or achievements along with why the he/she deserves to be considered for the Bursary and the value, impact and personal gain from their volunteer experience at HDH. 

The Bursary application and any supporting documentation can be mailed or emailed to the Volunteer Services office at the HDH site by the stipulated date.

Volunteer Services to HDH (Attn: Joan Carstairs, Treasurer), Hotel Dieu Hospital, 166 Brock Street, Kingston, Ontario K7L 5G2


Contact for further information:         
Joan Carstairs (Treasurer) c/o Volunteer Services to HDH, 613-544-3400 ext. 2312

Note: In the event a Bursary recipient is not able to complete the planned course/program of study and/or has used the funds other than for educational purposes, the Bursary award will be returned to Volunteer Services to HDH.