Making a difference

The number of programs and services offered by the Auxiliary make a big difference in the lives of our patients and visitors. 

The Auxiliary eases the stress of patients and families in a number of ways, including reaching out to patients every day through special care visits, supplying patient comforts (toothbrush, toothpaste and a comb) for those unexpected hospital stays, providing magazines and books in waiting areas, running a Coffee Cart to dispense free coffee and tea in waiting rooms, supplying hair care services for patients, staff and visitors; and providing rooms for overnight stays in our family service facility for relatives of critically ill patients. Our Artistic Outreach program hangs artwork in patient rooms to brighten up these spaces. The number of programs and services, created and supported by Auxiliary members, continues to grow and all exemplify the organization’s commitment to KGH.

Fundraising also plays a vital role in Auxiliary through the Millennium Fundraising Committee, Special Events, Gift/Tuck Shop, Café, Lottery Booth and HELPP lottery. The Auxiliary has contributed more than $16 million dollars over the past century to the hospital to be used for essential equipment and funds for new development, as well as upgrades to operating rooms, the renal unit and Central Processing Services. Additional funding is directed to departments to help patients with expenses when no other funding is available.