Innovation @ KHSC

Within the KHSC strategy for Transforming care, together, there is an explicit commitment to innovation, both as a value and as a strategic direction to improve the health of our communities through partnership and innovation. In order to achieve this, and move closer to our vision of achieving better health for our communities while transforming our health care system, KHSC, working with Queen’s Faculty of Health Sciences has created an “innovation Portfolio” of priority areas for future investment and work.

Following wide consultation and under leadership of the Innovation lead, Dr. Elizabeth Eisenhauer, a report of documenting recommended priority innovation themes was submitted to KHSC executive and approved in 2019. The Innovation Portfolio identifies themes that are aligned to our population health needs, are driven by areas of excellence at KHSC and its key partners, and will foster a culture of innovation. Detailed background information on the process behind identification of priorities for innovation as well as more information on each of the themes is found in the Discussion Document.

Since that time several of these themes have been the focus of ongoing work and development.



  1. Digital Health, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Health Care – this theme was further developed through a workshop held February 2020. View the workshop report here. View the presentation slides here.
  2. 21st Century Interventional Medicine – Minimally invasive approaches. A workshop on this theme, which explores how less invasive approaches to diagnosis and treatment will transform care in the next decades, was scheduled for March 30 2020 – but was cancelled because of COVID19. It is expected the workshop will take place in future.
  3. New Frontiers in Integrated Care – Elimination of Wait times for Specialty Access. A workshop exploring numerous innovations that have been shown to improve wait times for access to specialty consultation was planned for April 28, 2020 but this was also cancelled as a result of COVID19. Nevertheless, the KHSC and Queen’s leadership have determined work on this topic should proceed ahead as we try to address long wait times already known to be a problem for some specialties and likely to be exacerbated by partial reductions in clinics during the pandemic. A number of working groups, including primary care, specialists and patients, have begun work to make headway on this innovation initiative.

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