Fiscal Accountability

Kingston Health Sciences Centre is committed to transparency and accountability.  We support decisions that reflect the hospital’s core values, principles, and strategic directions when allocating fiscal resources.

This section contains information and documents related to:

  • Hospital Accountability Agreements sets out the rights and obligations of the Kingston General Hospital site, the Hotel Dieu Hospital site and the South East Local Health Integration Network  (SE LHIN) and their performance expectations for the funding provided by the province of Ontario.
  • Compensation and Disclosure page explains the provisions of our executive performance management plans and employment contracts.
  • Broader Public Sector Accountability Act requires every hospital to prepare reports and publicly post expense claim information and compliance attestations.
  • Financial Reports  page contains copies of the KHSC audited financial statements. 

Kingston Health Sciences Centre receives funding from Ontario Health.  The opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily represent the views of Ontario Health.