Staff Wellness

If you are in crisis, emotional distress, or at risk of suicide call 9-1-1, go to the local hospital emergency room, or call the mental health crisis line at 613-544-4229.

If you are a KHSC staff member, contact Homewood Health at 1-800-663-1142. Someone is there to help.

At KHSC, we believe that living a healthier and happier life is a good reason for staff to commit to wellness. We also understand that the health and well-being of our staff contributes to quality care, safety, and the experience that our patients and their families have while at KHSC.

By promoting both physical and mental wellness in the workplace, and providing employees with a variety or resources and tools that encourage healthy eating, active living, stress management, and healthy lifestyle practices, our goal is to help employees achieve total wellness. What steps will you take today to take charge of your health and be the best you can be?

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