For Healthcare Providers

At Kingston Health Sciences Centre, we believe in supporting and working with all healthcare providers to offer the best patient and family experience possible. Below, you will find a few links to useful information for both community based primary care physicians as well as for healthcare practitioners working in a hospital setting.

COVID-19 Ontario Prevalence Tool, click here.

Clinical eVisit support information, click here.

Physician referral application tool, click here

Adult Mental Health (outpatient) referral form, click here.

Cancer Center support documents, click here. 

Diagnostic Imaging requisition forms, click here

Laboratory Services requisitions forms , click here.

Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization (Angiogram) referral information, click here.

Fetal Assessment Unit booking instructions, click here. 

Bundled Care - Elective Hip or Knee Replacement information, click here.

Audiology Referral Form, click here.

Vestibular Function Lab Referral Form, click here.
NOTE:  Use this form for Standard VNG/ENG (includes Gaze tests, Saccades, Tracking, Optokinetic tests, Positions, Headshaking, Spontaneous, and Water Caloric Tests), Fistula test (Impedance Bridge), Air Calorics.

Additional resources 

Trans-esophageal Echocardiogram order form, click here

Transthoracic, Stress and Pediatric/Fetal Echocardiogram order form, click here.

Cardiac Diagnostic Test Referral Form, click here.

EEG requisition, click here.

SE LHIN- Hip and Knee Arthritis  referral form, click here.

Sleep Lab referral form, click here.

COPD outpatient clinic referral form, click here.

Trauma Services info, click here.

Click on the PDF or Word DOC icon to download/view the document. Click the title for more info.