Areas of Care and Service

Whether your time at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) is scheduled or unplanned, in this section you and your family members will find the need-to-know information about the care and support services we provide. Hundreds of clinic visits, tests and scans are scheduled across KHSC’s sites each day. Use the menu to the right to find your clinic and learn important information such as how to prepare for or reschedule an appointment.

There are numerous reasons why you or someone you know may need to stay in the hospital. Usually, hospitalization is unplanned and happens suddenly. You may be having a baby, need care for a serious mental health and addiction concern, or need surgery after visiting the emergency department with heart attack symptoms. Use the menu to the right to learn more about the units where you will receive care while admitted to the hospital.

In this section you will also find services that span all clinic appointments and hospital stays such as patient relations, spiritual health and services for Northern Indigenous community members receiving care at KHSC.