Visitor/Family Presence and Masking policies

Effective immediately, mandatory masking will no longer be required in the Emergency Department, Children’s Outpatient Clinic or the Urgent Care Centre for staff, patients, and visitors. However, routine masking is strongly recommended in areas where acutely ill patients are arriving and not yet assessed/triaged (e.g. at the triage desks of KGH-ED/offload, HDH-UCC and HDH-COPC).

What will not change

  • All individuals will be supported in their decision to wear a mask.
  • Everyone will continue to have access to masks upon entry and in all clinical areas.
  • Staff will be expected to don a mask when caring for patients who are wearing a mask.
  • Caregivers or visitors with infectious symptoms must postpone their visit until their symptoms have improved. If it is necessary for the caregiver (e.g. parent of a child, family of end-of-life patient or caregiver of a patient with dementia) to be present, then the caregiver is required to mask and remain masked upon entry to the hospital site.
  • Infection Prevention and Control Tips for Patients, Caregivers and Visitors