Hospital Accreditation

In 2018, Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) was successfully accredited by Accreditation Canada, signaling our success as a newly integrated organization in achieving almost 98 per cent compliance with close to 3,000 criteria for providing safe, high quality health services. 

The accreditation decision came after KHSC completed a comprehensive self-assessment lasting almost a year plus an on-site survey by expert peer surveyors in April 2018.  During the five-day visit our leadership, governance, clinical programs and services were assessed against rigorous Accreditation Canada standards for the delivery of quality, safe and effectively-managed care. 

In total, KHSC achieved 2,927 or 97.7 per cent of all applicable Accreditation Canada criteria.

“That’s an outstanding accomplishment at a time of incredible transition for our organization,” says KHSC President & CEO Dr. David Pichora, referencing the April 2017 integration of the Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital sites into the new KHSC.

“Our results unmistakably underscore the excellent work of staff, physicians, learners and volunteers who so expertly and compassionately care for patients, families and each other every single day.”

KHSC was assessed on 19 sets of standards across patient care, leadership and governance.  In several areas we achieved 100 per cent compliance, including cancer care, governance, medication management, organ and tissue donation for deceased donors, organ and tissue transplant and organ donation for living donors.

We were also evaluated on 32 Required Organizational Practices (ROPs), essential safety and risk-mitigation practices ranging from medication reconciliation and falls prevention to workplace violence prevention and educating patients and families about being actively involved in their care and safety. 

In announcing its decision, Accreditation Canada praised KHSC’s high level of team engagement, emphasis on partnerships within the health system, unique model of Patient and Family-Centred Care, effective communication tools, highly engaged leadership and success in hospital integration.

“We know that accreditation is designed to be a continuing journey and not a one-time destination,” says Dr. Pichora, “which is why we’re incorporating an accreditation sustainability plan into KHSC’s annual quality planning cycle.  We want to ensure that we keep learning, improving and modelling excellence.”

You can read the Executive Summary of the Accreditation Canada Report here.

You can read the full Accreditation Canada Report here.


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