Apply to become a PEA

Anne O'Riordan PEA
"We want our hospitals to be safe, welcoming places where everyone can get the health care and help they need. Patients, families, visitors and care providers can create that environment by speaking up and collaborating to ensure the best patient experience possible.”  ~Anne O’Riordan, Patient Experience Advisor

Please join us! Together we will make our hospital the best it can be.

You can apply to be a Patient/Family Experience Advisor if you or a family member have received care at Kingston Health Sciences Centre, which includes Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston General Hospital, the Southeast Regional Cancer Centre or the Southeast Regional Renal Program, in the past five years.
You do not need any special qualifications to be a Patient/Family Experience Advisor. 

Being a Patient/Family Experience Advisor is a good fit for you if:

  • You can talk about your experiences as a patient or family member but also think beyond your own personal experiences.
  • You can talk about both positive and negative care experiences respectfully.
  • You can listen to and consider what others say, even when you disagree.
  • You can work with people who may have different experiences and perspectives from yours.
  • You can partner with the hospital by bringing the patient or family voice to the table to help improve hospital care for others.
  • You can bring a positive attitude to discussions.
  • You understand the importance of keeping information you may hear private and confidential. 

Application Form - 2019