KHSC was not immune to the biggest pressure facing hospitals across the country – a shortage of skilled team members to provide the care needed by surging volumes of patients. Our teams were nimble, and found new ways to provide care, welcome new recruits, and creatively support patients in finding the right care in the right place.

We also marked some milestones indicating the winding down of the COVID-19 pandemic, most notably, our local Assessment Centre closing its doors after three years of supporting the community. While we still aren’t completely through the pandemic, this is certainly a sign of good progress in the fight against COVID-19.

And yet, despite the challenges that were out of our control, we banded together to demonstrate our excellence during another visit from Accreditation Canada. It should be a point of pride for everyone that KHSC was awarded exemplary status – the highest award possible – reaching 100 per cent of benchmarks in key aspects of quality and safety.

We’ve also continued to make strides in our role as a valued partner, supporting projects that will change the way people in our region receive care. Our people are playing an integral role in the shaping of Lumeo, a transformative clinical tool that will allow all six of the hospitals in southeastern Ontario to have the same insights into a patient’s history and needs. Likewise, many of our experts are contributing to the Frontenac Lennox & Addington Ontario Health Team and offering input into projects like supporting access to primary care teams, managing mental health and addictions, and aging well at home.

Axel Thesberg, Dr David Pichora

It’s our pleasure to capture some of the highlights of the year behind us in this annual report and share stories showcasing the many ways our people are Transforming care, together. 

Axel Thesberg
Board Chair, KHSC

Dr. David Pichora
President and CEO, KHSC


Persevering every day

One of the hallmarks of the year were the challenges that came our way as the health care system continues to adjust to the slowdown of the pandemic. Through it all, our people pulled together and made sure that patient care was uninterrupted.

Standout moments

Despite the challenges facing our teams in 2022-23, our teams persevered and made impressive accomplishments - continually putting KHSC on the map as a leader in the system.

People of KHSC

We wouldn't be where we are today without the thousands of dedicated people who bring KHSC to life. We consistently recognize outstanding individuals through our People of KHSC column, but would like to introduce a few who made 2022-23 extra special. 

Our performance in 2022-23

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