Gerhard Wendt

Patient & Family Advisory Council Member

After retiring four years ago from a 30 plus year career in Medical Devices for large Fortune 500 companies, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to give back in some way, with the experiences I had in my healthcare career and my personal life.

I have travelled and lived the journey of my life in many ways that prompted me to continue to contribute in any way I could as a Patient Experience Advisor.

I have experienced and survived Cancer thanks to all at KHSC. I have travelled the Stroke Path with TIA’s and seen the commitment and empathy that comes with managing this difficult situation. Many years ago. I had Bariatric Surgery when Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy was still in its infancy and as a result it also cured my Diabetes. I have been a caregiver to family members. My Son was born here, and my dad passed away here

I first started my journey as a Patient Experience Advisor with the Southeast Regional Cancer Centre Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), 4 years ago. I have seen and felt the true engagement and commitment of all that work within this difficult disease.

In 2020 I attended York University to achieve a Certification in Peer Navigation trying to better understand navigation in Canadian Healthcare.

For the last 3 yrs. I have been fortunate to be part of the development of a new Regional Health Information System, sitting on the Steering committee from our inception. This integrated system will make all our journeys better as we move forward in the future.

More recently I joined the KFLA Ontario Health Team and can see clearly that we are changing everything to make ourselves and the ones we love better.

I continue to be excited and inspired by all those that provide, enable, and give to each other, as we Partner in Transforming Care Together in our area.