Kerry Stewart

Past Co-Chair, Patient & Family Advisory Council

I have been a patient in cardiology, orthopaedics and neurology at KHSC.  I have supported loved ones with cancer, helped family and friends navigate the Emergency Department and welcomed the arrival of grandchildren at this hospital. As a Patient Experience Advisor I can use these experiences to provide direct input into hospital decision making, and the improvement for patients of policy, practice and procedures. In this role, I work collegially and in partnership with staff who are skilled, diligent and caring - but who often work in silos of expertise that can make the patient journey feel fragmented and confusing.

Currently I am Co-Chair of the KHSC Patient & Family Advisory Council, and a member of the South East Regional Cancer Patient & Family Advisory Council. I participate with staff and represent the patient voice across a wide range of committees and work teams. These include the Ontario Health Team Application Committee, the Clinical Operations Team for Covid Planning and the Advance Care Planning Steering Committee. There are many opportunities for patients and family members to share their experiences, both positive and negative, in order to help staff better understand the patient experience. By working respectfully together with staff, we can continue to build a safe, caring environment for everyone at KHSC.