Patti Cox, Patient Experience Advisor

Patti Cox

Co-Chair, Patient & Family Advisory Council

The idea of being a patient experience advisor is very appealing to me. I have seen the benefit to patients and families from their partnerships with health care providers. I believe that patients and families should be engaged in decision-making in all matters that may affect their well-being, be that at the bedside or chairside, producing educational materials, creating healthy spaces, informing policy that affects care, and so on.

I am a retired health care professional who, late in my career, developed a significant health challenge. I received fine care over an extended time in various facilities. I jumped at an opportunity to do this special volunteer work to support others in having such an experience. My involvement in patient and family-centred care allows me to try to help others plus keep in touch with the environment that I was part of for a long while.

I was an initial member of the PFCC council at HDH and since have been involved in the advisory council for KHSC, and for the southeast cancer programme. I am a member of an energetic committee trying to facilitate advance care planning. I enjoy looking at clinical programming for patients in various areas. I am continually impressed and gratified by working with other passionate advisors and clinical practitioners committed to patient involvement.