Perlita Delaney, Patient Experience Advisor

Perlita Delaney

Patient & Family Advisory Council member

I became interested in being involved as a Patient Experience Advisor because I  have had the  life experiences of  being a patient  with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for the past 40 years and treatment for cancer.  I have also worked as a physician (now retired) in general practice and medical psychotherapy.  I truly believe that having seen care from both sides of the bed could be positive.

I am new to the Patient Experience Advisor position so have not yet been fully involved in a specific project.  I am definitely interested in research and in contact with patients and health care  staff.  So far, the most enjoyable parts of this role are the contacts with interesting volunteers and staff who really want to make a difference and the learning involved in understanding the complicated ins and outs of a hospital.