Patient Experience Advisors

In addition to our Patient and Family Advisory Council, Patient Experience Advisors ensure the patient and family’s voice is heard on councils and committees throughout Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC).

In total, there are now over 215 active positions on 119 long and short term committees across the organization where Patient Experience Advisors are partnering with staff to improve the patient experience.

If you, or a loved one, have had an experience of care at  KHSC, Hotel Dieu or Kingston General Hospital sites and would be interested in partnering with staff and physicians please consider becoming an advisor.

For more information about applying to become a patient/family experience advisor:
Call: The office of the Lead for Patient- and Family-Centred Care at Kingston Health Sciences Centre 613 549-6666  X3122
Email: Cathy Hitchins, Administrative Assistant to the Lead for PFCC

The current patient representatives for each council are:

  • Cardiac - Patrick Dickey, Cliff Edwards and Adrien Langlois
  • ​Critical Care – ​Elizabeth Harlow
  • ​Emergency - ​Mary Grace Amann and Betty Harlow
  • ​Medicine - ​Vivian Bethell and Phyllis Davis​
  • ​Mental Health - Anne O’Riordan and Reid Cunningham
  • ​Obs/Gyn - Amanda Ross-White ​
  • ​Oncology - ​Marla Rosen and Greg Brown
  • ​Pediatrics - Jessica Champlin and Laura Patterson​
  • ​SPA - Mary Grace Amann

Representatives are also on the following long term committees:

  • Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Advanced Care Planning Committee
  • Alternative Level of Care Committee
  • Ambulatory Care Committee
  • Breast Assessment Working Group
  • Breast Imaging Committee
  • Bundled Care Working Groups
  • Cardiac Program Council
  • Child and Youth Mental Health Program Family Partnership Council
  • Clinical Operations
  • Critical Care Program Council
  • Cultural Diversity
  • COVID-19 Planning and Preparedness Committees
  • Donation/Transplant Committee
  • Elder Friendly Steering Committee
  • Emergency Department: Program Council
    • Quality Improvement
    • Mental Health Joint Sub-Committee
  • Exceptional Healer Award Committee
  • Finance (Board Committee)
  • General Surgery Practice Council
  • Governance (Board Committee)
  • Hiring Interview Panels
  • Healthcare Information System (HIS) Executive Committee
  • ICPM Steering Committee
  • Integrated Renal Program Council (IRPC)
  • KHSC@Home
  • KHSC Leadership Group
  • KHSC Patient & Family  Advisory Council (PFAC)
  • Medication Safety Committee
  • Medicine Program Council
  • Mental Health: Program Council
    • Quality Improvement and Safety Committee
    • Renewal Steering Committee
    • Violence and Risk Reduction Working Group
    • Inpatient Mental Health Program Model of Care Working Group
  • Spiritual Health, Mission and Values
  • New Staff Orientation
  • Nutrition and Food Services
  • Ontario Health Application Team
  • Oncology Website Working Group
  • OB/GYN Program Council
  • Oncology: Program Council
    • SE Regional Cancer Centre Patient & Family Advisory Council
    • Cancer Clinical Research Trials
    • Patient Education
    • Aboriginal Guidance Group
    • Systemic Treatment Committee
  • Orthopedic Joint Practice
  • Palliative Care Quality Improvement Project (Q.I.P)
  • Redevelopment
  • Patient Care & People Committee (Board Committee)
  • Patient Flow Task Force
  • Patient Oriented Research Centre
  • Patient Safety & Quality Committee
  • Pediatric Program Council
  • Pediatric Critical Care Advisory Committee
  • Planning and Performance Committee
  • PFCC Grants Committee
  • Physician Quality Committee
  • Quality Roadmap Working Group
  • Queens Department of Oncology – Education and Research
  • Regional Stroke Steering Committee
  • Regional Patient and Family Advisory Council (Formerly LHIN PFAC)
  • Renal: Regional Renal Program Steering Committee
    • Continuous Quality Improvement
    • Newsletter Sub-Committee
    • Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)
    • Hemodialysis Working Group
  • Smoke Free Committee (KGH)
  • SPA Program Council
  • Special Needs Steering Committee
  • Trillium Gift of Life
  • Virtual Care Research Project
  • Volunteer Services
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Committee and Quality Improvement Project

 Additional information about the KHSC Patient and Family Advisory Council and other related sites: