Membership in the Kingston General Hospital Auxiliary remains critical to the success of our organization. In order to encourage new members to join our organization, the membership fee for the first year, or part thereof, is free. After the first year, the fees are as follows:

Life Membership: $150.00

Annual Fee: $15.00 (due April 1)

Family Fee: $20.00 (due April 1)

For more information please see our new printable KGH Auxiliary Membership brochure and Membership Form. Here are some often asked questions.

  • Is there a difference between a volunteer and an Auxiliary member? A new volunteer at KGH is not automatically an Auxiliary member. The Auxiliary is an organization that one joins with a payment of a nominal annual fee.
  • Does the Auxiliary offer a challenge and an opportunity to take on a leadership role? YES! The opportunity is there, if desired, to take an active role in Auxiliary affairs.

This includes, if desired, leadership roles, thereby gaining a wider life experience and furthering one’s own education & knowledge.

  • Do I have to attend meetings or volunteer? NO! There may be those who do not want to attend meetings or volunteer, but we need members who will support us in the community.
  • · What is in it for me? There are many ways to be a valuable member. With an annual $15.00 Membership (the first year or part thereof is free) you will receive five Newsletters a year that will inform you of our activities and enable you to spread the word about us to those you meet. You become part of a group that raises and donates millions of dollars for patient care and equipment to the hospital. You meet many people from all walks of life and enjoy the camaraderie of this special group of people. You have the opportunity to participate in HAAO meetings, Conventions and educational sessions. You will have the opportunity to better understand healthcare and policy changes in the hospital (the Auxiliary holds regular meetings with Senior Administration)
  • · How can I support the Auxiliary? By shopping in our Gift/Tuck Shops or having a bite to eat in our Café whenever you are in the hospital; by donating to and/or attending our Christmas Bazaar; by making a donation to the Auxiliary Memorial Fund in memory of a deceased loved one or by donating to the Family Services area and by spreading the word in the community of our endeavours in our hospital. In addition we can always use the donations of the following items. These may be dropped off at the KGH Information Desk at the main entrance off Stuart Street. Please place in a bag and mark items for Auxiliary services.

● recent magazines and paperback books

● wigs in good condition

● newborn/infant clothing, clean and in good condition

  • track suits, t­-shirts and sweaters, clean & in good condition
  • crafts/hand knit items for our bazaar

If you have an item you wish to donate for our Silent Auction please call 613-­549­-6666 ext. 6352.

  • What part will I play? This is up to you but you become one of a group of like- minded people who support KGH. Three General meetings are held during the year with informative speakers at each and we hold our Annual Meeting and Awards ceremony in June. Who knows, you may find more than you ever expected. Meetings include a lunch at a reasonable cost. Come for the meeting; come for lunch; come for the speaker or for the whole thing – your choice. We are fortunate to have a great teaching hospital/trauma centre and to be able to stay in our own community when we require hospital care. Our hospital needs the support provided by the KGH Auxiliary to assist in the provision of Outstanding Care, Always. We would be pleased to have you join us.