End of life care

If your family member is not responding to life-support treatment, and is believed to have an irreversible disease, a discussion should take place between your family and the health-care team about withholding any additional life-support. We realize end of life conversations are very difficult, but they are important. If death or a very poor quality of life is expected to the be the outcome of the illness, and your family decides to withdraw or withhold further treatment, the ICU team will meet with you to how you would like to say goodbye to your loved one. All decisions to limit treatment are made following careful consideration of your loved one's medical condition and following discussions with your family. The comfort of your loved one is always our main priority.

Organ & Tissue Donation

If it is determined that your family member is not able to survive their current critical illness, the Trillium Gift of Life Network can offer an opportunity to donate your loved one's organs and tissues. This donation may help those who need a life saving transplant, and may provide meaning for your family at a time of sadness and loss. If you have any questions please ask your health care team to arrange for the Trillium coordinator to come and discuss this option with you.