KGH gets the Gold in the Quality Healthcare Workplace Awards

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We scored a Silver Award last year when we first applied for a Quality Healthcare Workplace Award. Now KGH has just been told we’ve moved up a level on the podium, to the Gold Award.

“It’s great recognition as we have been busy evaluating, learning and making improvements on a range of fronts, all related to health, safety and wellness here at KGH,” says Micki Mulima, Director of Healthy Workplace Services. “This awards process is helping guide us as we strive to continuously raise the bar.”

The award is run by the Ontario Hospital Association with sponsorship from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. All healthcare organizations are invited to apply and four levels are handed out – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. 

KGH scored higher this time due to our focus over the past year on health and safety improvements. For example, we now have an action plan in place to guide the creation of a comprehensive Health & Safety Management System.

Many initiatives aimed at improving safety and keeping it in the forefront are already flowing from this, such as the installation of Health, Safety and Wellness Boards across the hospital, more training and support for leaders on managing safety, as well as more communication to staff about safe work practices, goals and results through a variety of tools, such as the Safety Talks Bulletin and articles in KGH This Week. Now that the Gold award is in hand, next up is the quest to achieve Platinum.

“The idea is you continue to improve and work your way up the ladder to the next level,” says Mulima. “This coming year, we will be turning our attention to doing more on the wellness and proactive prevention side of things.”

Among the coming changes is a relaunch of the Wellness Centre that used to be in our main lobby, as well as more initiatives that focus on keeping people healthy, happy and at work.

“All of this is will help us achieve our strategic goal of making KGH one of the best places to work,” says Shannon Graham, VP of People Services and Organizational Effectiveness. “A quality workplace environment touches everyone who steps inside our hospital, including patients and their families.”