KGH winner of the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society's (CHES) Wayne McLellan Award of Excellence 2014

Sunday, September 28, 2014

 At their  2014 National Conference earlier this year KGH was announced as the winner of the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society’s (CHES) Wayne McLellan Award of Excellence. CHES touted our overall efforts to reduce the hospital’s carbon footprint by 14 per cent through our work with our energy saving partner Honeywell. In terms of dollars, the facility upgrades save the hospital roughly $800,000 per year which can be funneled back into patient care.

“The people who most benefit from this project are the patients. Not only are we directing our saving back into patient care, but as health care providers we are taking a leadership role in reducing our carbon footprint to improve the health of our community, including current and future patients,” says Allan McLuskie, Director of Facilities Management.