Frequently Asked Questions - Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services at KHSC is a busy department with many responsibilities. Below are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

When I leave KGH, how do I know which medications to continue with and which to stop?

Upon discharge, your doctor or nurse will give you instructions on which medications you should continue at home, which medications you should stop at home and which ones you should start taking.

Why do the pills I get in hospital look different than the ones I have at home?

While in hospital there may be various reasons why your pills look different. The medication may be made by a different company so they look slightly different; the medication may have been substituted with another drug from the same class of medication; or your medication may have been stopped and another drug started for another reason. Do not hesitate to ask your nurse or doctor to give you the name of the medication you are receiving and the reason why.

Where do I go to fill my prescriptions after I have been discharged from KGH?

You can return to your usual home pharmacy. We encourage you to request a “Meds Check” from your pharmacist in order for you to have an updated medication list from your drug store.

Do I go to the KGH pharmacy to get my medications?

No, medications are supplied to you through nurses.