Breast Imaging Kingston

Please note: The Government of Ontario has announced that it will be expanding the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) to include eligible people ages 40-49 in fall 2024. Current eligibility guidelines remain the same and can be found on the OBSP website.Welcome to Breast Imaging Kingston (BIK), a state-of-the-art $7 million facility that is transforming breast health in Southeastern Ontario.

The facility, located in Kingston’s east-end at 820 John Marks Avenue, brings together breast imaging services and procedures from the Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) and the former Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) sites under one roof, streamlining care for patients. BIK is truly a unique facility to all of Canada and also serves as a showcase site for our industry partner and a training hub for physicians and technologists alike.

Kingston Health Sciences Centre would like to thank our two major donors who made this facility possible, the Rose of Hope committee and supporters from the Cataraqui Golf and Country Club, as well as Brit Smith and Homestead Land Holdings.

What services are offered at Breast Imaging Kingston?

BIK offers breast screening as the main point of entry for the majority of patients in the region. If patients require further care, they will be scheduled for more specialized diagnostic options at the facility.

Please note, breast cancer surgery and breast MRI will still be performed at KHSC’s HDH and Kingston General Hospital (KGH) sites.

The BIK team focuses on individuals requiring screening and precision diagnosis of breast cancer and offers:

  • 3D digital mammography/mammogram
  • Breast ultrasound 
  • Patient friendly MagSeed breast lesion localizations
  • Contrast-enhanced mammography
  • Automated breast ultrasound
  • Breast biopsy services
What is breast screening?

Breast cancer screening means regularly checking the breasts for cancer before the signs or symptoms of the disease become obvious. Although breast cancer screening cannot prevent breast cancer, it can help find breast cancer early, when it is easier to treat.

This is most commonly done using a mammogram which is an x-ray of the breast tissue. A mammogram is the most common breast screening tool and is effective in helping to find breast cancer early before a tumor is big enough to feel. A mammogram is not only effective, but also very quick and is offered through our state-of-the art Breast Imaging Kingston (BIK) facility.

Who should go for screening?

If you are 50-74 years old:
In Ontario it is recommended that individuals between the ages 50 and 74 have a mammogram once every two years. Individuals in this group do not need to be referred by their family doctor and can book directly through KHSC by calling 613-384-4284.

If you are 30-69 and are a high-risk patient:
Individuals between the ages of 30 - 69 with a high-risk family history of Breast Cancer should have a mammogram each year. To be considered a high-risk patient you will need genetic testing to determine your personal risk factor. Please speak to your primary care provider (family doctor).

If you are under 50 and are not a high-risk patient:
Individuals who are under 50 years old and are not considered to be at a high-risk of developing breast cancer should speak with their primary care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner).

If you are over 74 years old:
Speak with your health care provider about getting tested for breast cancer. If you choose to get tested, you will need a referral for a mammogram from your doctor or nurse practitioner. This service is covered by OHIP with a referral.

How can I learn more?

You can learn more about breast cancer by visiting:

Cancer Care Ontario website - click here

Province of Ontario website - click here