Gastroenterology Clinic

Gastroenterology Clinic

The Gastroenterology Clinic is located on Jeanne Mance 4 of the Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) site.  To reach the Clinic, enter the main (Brock Street) entrance of the HDH site and take an elevator to Level 4. Turn right off the elevator and follow the hall until you reach the Registration and waiting area.

The Gastroenterology Clinic consist of general GI clinics as well as specialty clinics for liver, hepatitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Motility.  All pediatric GI clinics are located in the Children's Outpatient Centre at the HDH site.  Our Gastroenterologists also see patients in the Endoscopy unit and GI Function Testing Lab.

If you are coming to the Gastroenterology Clinic, please remember to bring:

  • your appointment slip which includes the time and date of your appointment
  • your health (OHIP) card
  • a complete, current list of your medications provided to you by your pharmacist OR all current medications in their original drugstore container (includes insulin, inhalers, prescribed creams or eye drops, non-prescription medications or supplements such as herbals and vitamins)
  • a snack, if needed, in case your clinic appointment is delayed or runs late.

If required, please bring a family member or friend for support or personal assistance; they are welcome to attend your clinic visit with you if you wish.

Appointment and Scheduling Information

To check, re-schedule or cancel your appointment time, please call us using the number on your appointment slip.  If you have lost your appointment slip, call 613-548-2342, or our toll-free number at 1-855-851-3490.

Healthcare provider referral form

Patients require a referral from their family doctor or another health care professional. Health care professionals can access our referral form here.

Endoscopy procedure suite patient preparation information

Colonoscopy and Polypectomy with Split Dose Pico-Salax Dulcolas Preparation
Upper Endoscopy Procedure