Hand Clinic

Hand Clinic

The Hand Clinic is located on Johnston 7 on the seventh floor at the Hotel Dieu Hospital site of Kingston Health Sciences Centre at 166 Brock Street. Enter at the main Brock Street entrance and take an elevator to Level 7. Turn right off the elevator and then right again. Follow the hallway to the clinic registration desk.

If you are coming to the Hand Clinic, please remember to bring the following:

  • Your appointment slip which includes the time and date of your appointment
  • Your Health Card, also known as your OHIP card
  • A complete and up-to-date list of your current medications provided to you by your pharmacist, or all of the medications you are currently taking, in their original drugstore container. This includes insulin, inhalers, any prescribed creams or eye drops as well as any non-prescription medications or supplements such as herbals and vitamins

Appointment and Scheduling Information

If you need to check your appointment time, re-schedule your appointment or cancel your appointment time, please call us using the number on your appointment slip.

If you have lost your appointment slip, please call 613-548-2342, or our toll-free number at 1-855-851-3490.

Please note, patients must be referred to this service by a doctor or other healthcare professional.

More about hand therapists
Our Team

Hand Surgeons

Our surgeons are all Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada in either Plastic or Orthopaedic Surgery

Plastic Surgeons

  • Dr. F. Watkins
  • Dr. D. MacKay
  • Dr. M. Hendry
  • Dr. G. Martou
  • Dr. J. Cooper

Orthopedic Surgeons

  • Dr. D. Pichora
  • Dr. P. Daneshvar
  • Dr. K. Wood

Hand Therapists

These occupational and physical therapists all work closely with the surgeons to customize rehabilitation for clients.

The therapists assess and provide a treatment plan for therapy, which may include:

  • Fabrication of orthoses (splints) for protection, assistance and/or correction
  • Post-operative scar management
  • Pain management techniques
  • Preventative education programs and conservative treatment of non-operative hand injuries
  • Home exercise programs for increasing range of motion, strength, and dexterity
  • Desensitization program after nerve injuries or trauma
  • Sensory re-education after nerve injuries
  • Education and training on activity modification and adapted aids for activities of daily living
  • Gradual return-to-work plans