Our Team


Dr. Steven Smith
Vice President, Health Sciences Research, KHSC and President & CEO, KGHRI. 
t: +1.613.533.3188
e: steve.smith@kingstonhsc.ca


Smita Sengupta 
Director, Research Financial Affairs 
t: +1.613.549.6666  x. 6844 
e: smita.sengupta@kingstonhsc.ca

Research Support

Wilma Hopman 
Research Methodologist
t: +1.613.549.6666  x. 4941
e: wilma.hopman@kingstonhsc.ca

Andrew Day 
Senior Biostatistician
t: +1.613.549.6666  x. 4998
e: andrew.day@kingstonhsc.ca

Ronnie Lloyd
Research Operations Assistant
t: 1.613.549.6666 x. 8164
e: ronnie.lloyd@kingstonhsc.ca

Patrick Norman
t: +1.613.549.6666 x. 3019
e: patrick.norman@kingstonhsc.ca

Lisa McAvoy 
Clinical Research Liaison Officer
t: +1.613.549.6666 x. 3344
e: lisa.mcavoy@kingstonhsc.ca


Veronica Harris-McAllister 
Director, Research Contracts
e: veronica.harris-mcallister@kingstonhsc.ca


Steven Smith, PhD

Dr. Steven Smith completed his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at the University of Western Ontario, where he also earned his PhD in 1998. Before joining Queen’s Department of Biochemistry in 2001, Dr. Smith completed postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Oxford as a Burroughs Wellcome Hitchings-Elion fellow and McGill University as CIHR postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Smith has taken on a number of leadership positions while at Queen’s, including acting as the Director of Queen’s Protein Function Discovery Group & Facility and the Director of Research for the Faculty of Health Sciences. He previously served as the Associate Head for the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, and acted as Chair for the Undergraduate Biochemistry Program from 2007-2011 and again from 2014-2017.

During his time at Queen’s, Dr. Smith has demonstrated his commitment to students’ learning as an exceptional educator. His numerous awards, include the Faculty of Health Sciences Education Award and Life Science Student Choice Teaching Award, and he has regularly received the Biochemistry 3rd Year Teaching Award since 2004. These awards are a testament to his excellence in teaching and mentorship and speak to Dr. Smith’s reputation as a dedicated professor who is deeply invested in the classroom experience.      

As an expert in biochemistry, Dr. Smith has made remarkable contributions to Queen’s and the wider intellectual community through his research. In 2009, Dr. Smith was recognized for his research excellence with the Chancellor’s Research Award. He is the recipient of the Faculty of Health Science’s Mihran & Mary Basmajian Research Award and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research New Investigator Award. Dr. Smith’s extensive publications in peer-reviewed journals attest to his status as a prolific researcher. As an invited speaker, Dr. Smith has presented his work nationally and internationally, including in the U.S., Portugal, France, and Israel. 

Dr. Smith has established himself as a lead­­er both in the university and on the national stage through his service to the profession. He is currently serving as a member of Senate and as a senator for the Senate Advisory Research Committee. He also currently acts as a University Delegate for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.


Smita Sengupta, MBA, CPA, CGA

Danielle Weese
On Leave 

Research Support

Wilma Hopman, MSc
Wilma M. Hopman is the Research Methodologist for the Kingston General Health Research Institute, and holds an Adjunct appointment in the Department of Public Health Sciences at Queens University. She also contributes to teaching in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy and the School of Nursing. She has served as an external reviewer for 8 funding agencies and 22 peer-reviewed journals, and currently has 129 peer-reviewed publications (July, 2015).  Prior to joining the Research Institute, she was the Associate Director of Case Mix Research (Department of Community Health and Epidemiology, Queen’s University) and more recently the Director of the MacKenzie Health Services Research Group (also at Queen’s University). She is a graduate of Brock University (BA Psychology) and Queen’s University (MA, Applied Psychology). 

Andrew Day, MSc
Andrew Day has been the Senior Biostatistician at Kingston General Health Research Institute for the past 14 years. In this role he supervises a small team of MSc-trained research data analysts and serves as a statistical consultant, collaborator and co-investigator on many clinical trials and other diverse medical research projects. He has directly collaborated with more than 250 faculty, residents and graduate students. These collaborations have led to well over 250 peer reviewed publications (130 as co-author) and more than 50 successful grant applications (30 as co-investigator). Mr. Day holds a cross-appointment with the Department of Public Health Sciences at Queen’s University. He is a graduate of Queen’s University (MSc, Statistics).

Ronnie Lloyd, MClSc
Ronnie Lloyd is the Research Operations Assistant at the Kingston General Health Research Institute, providing support to investigators and their research teams. In this role, Ms. Lloyd serves as a hospital institutional administrator for clinicaltrials.gov registry, CITI Canada, and Queen’s TRAQ. She assists with the day-to-day operations of the W.J. Henderson Centre for Patient-Oriented Research, and helps to develop and implement educational programs for hospital-based research. Prior to joining the Research Institute Ms. Lloyd was involved in research project coordination in Queen’s School of Kinesiology and Health Studies and was a professor in St. Lawrence College’s School of Health Sciences and School of Business. Ms. Lloyd is a graduate of Dalhousie University (BSc, Kinesiology) and the University of Western Ontario (MClSc, Applied Health Sciences).

Patrick Norman, MSc
Patrick Norman is a biostatistician at the Kingston General Health Research Institute. In this role, he provides methodological guidance and analytical support to KGHRI-associated researchers. Mr. Norman completed his MSc from Queen’s University, where his Master’s project involved creating an artificial neural network-based model to predict survival time in the presence of complex, nonlinear covariate-response relationships. Mr. Norman maintains an interest in the design and analysis of clinical trials and observational epidemiological studies.

 Lisa McAvoy, MA, CCRP
Lisa McAvoy is the Clinical Research Liaison Officer at the Kingston General Health Research Institute. Ms. McAvoy oversees the day-to-day operations of the W.J. Henderson Centre for Patient-Oriented Research and plays a supportive and collaborative role for the research community as well as advocating for patient engagement in research across the Kingston hospitals. Ms. McAvoy supports investigators, research staff, students, and trainees on all study-specific queries, develops and implements educational materials and training programs for hospital-based research, and is a hospital institutional administrator for TRAQ for quality and regulatory assurance. Ms. McAvoy has over 20 years of diverse research experience in social science and clinical research.  She has filled roles on several committees and working groups related to the clinical trial industry.  She is a graduate of Carleton University (MA, Psychology) and has been SOCRA certified since 2010.


Veronica Harris-McAllister, MSc
Veronica Harris-McAllister is the Director of Research Contracts at the Kingston General Health Research Institute. Previously she held the roles of Director or Health Sciences Research (2017-2020) and Manager of Health Sciences Research at the Research Institute (2008-2017). Ms. Harris-McAllister has over 20 years of experience working in clinical, pharmaceutical, and administrative research.  Prior to joining the Research Institute, she worked in the Respiratory Investigation Unit at Queen’s University (2004-2008) and at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute in the Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre (2001-2004). Ms. Harris-McAllister is a graduate of Queen’s University (BSc, Biochemistry), University of New Brunswick (BPHE, Sports Science), and East Stroudsburg University (MSc, Cardiac Rehabilitation & Exercise Sciences).