Current COVID-19 statistics & outbreak information

COVID-19 statistics for are updated weekdays at 10 a.m. 

Total COVID-positive patients:  8

Patients in Intensive Care Unit (ICU):  1

Patients in acute care:  7


Current Outbreaks: 

There are currently no COVID-19 outbreaks at KHSC

Outbreak FAQs:

How does KHSC define an outbreak?
The definition of a COVID-19 outbreak in a hospital is set by the province of Ontario.  An outbreak is declared when there is evidence of transmission of the disease within the hospital on a single unit.  In the event of an outbreak, restrictions will apply to admissions and visitors to the unit and we implement additional measures to work towards preventing further transmission..

Who declares an outbreak?
It is a joint decision made by KHSC – with our Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) and Occupational Health teams – and KFL&A Public Health.

What steps does KHSC take to address an outbreak?

For all outbreaks, including COVID-19:

  • An outbreak management team comes together to work with staff on the unit and implement control measures to prevent further transmission among patients and staff.
  • Patients and staff on the affected unit are tested and contact tracing is undertaken, where appropriate, for possible exposure of patients and staff.
  • When necessary, the unit is temporarily closed to new admissions and visitors.
  • Enhanced ongoing cleaning occurs on the unit.
  • Unit staff/physicians:  IPAC practices around use of PPE, disinfection of shared equipment, movement of people onto and within the unit, and adherence to social distancing requirements are reinforced.
  • All staff:  Staff are reminded to continue practicing mandatory masking; physical distancing, especially during break times; and vigilant hand hygiene.  They are asked to refrain from coming to work if they have infectious illness symptoms. 

Should I be worried about coming to the hospital?
Our top priority is the safety of our patients, health-care workers and community. We thank everyone for helping to prevent the spread of the virus within the hospital, including adherence to our screening processes, masking requirements and visitor restrictions.  If you are a visitor and are feeling unwell, we ask that you postpone your visit.  If you are a patient with concerns about coming to the hospital, please contact your health-care team.