Auxiliaries Supporting KHSC

Kingston Health Sciences Centre has a long history of auxiliary support. 

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KSHC Volunteer Services to Hotel Dieu Hospital Site has been the volunteer organization responsible for fundraising for Hotel Dieu Hospital.  They have operated the Brock Boutique, Brockview Café, Snack Cart, and numerous events.  After 118 years of proud service and hard work on behalf of the Hotel Dieu Hospital community, unfortunately, we are now in the process of dissolution.  Like many other organizations, we were hit hard by the pandemic restrictions and have been unable to recover.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This does NOT mean that volunteers are no longer needed at Hotel Dieu Hospital.  

If you want information specific to the dissolution of KHSC Volunteer Services to Hotel Dieu Hospital Site, please contact the President, Beth Cade, at @email

Wish to learn more about volunteering.

There are many interesting and important roles available for those who want to make a difference.  If you wish to volunteer at our Hotel Dieu Hospital site or Kingston General Hospital site, please contact the KHSC Volunteer office: 


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