Contact us - Cancer Centre

Contact Extensions for the cancer centre

Please call 613-549-6666 or toll free 1-800-567-5722. You will be connected with an automated telephone service at KGH. Listen carefully to the message to properly direct your call. 

To contact the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario, you must use the extension numbers below:

  • New patients - extension 4510
  • Language interpretation services - extension 4510
  • Aboriginal patient navigator - extension 3851
  • To confirm or change a clinic appointment - extension 4212
  • Cancer genetics - extension 2800
  • Chemotherapy reception - extension 6646
  • Radiation therapy reception - extension 4521
  • Clinical trials - extension 6641
  • Social worker or dietitian - extension 8104
  • Drug access navigator - extension 3317
  • Pharmacist - extension 6607
  • Inpatient oncology unit (Kidd 9) - extension 2323
  • Stem cell unit - extension 6627
  • Pediatric oncology - extension 3831

How to call for help if there is a change in your condition 

Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. except holidays

  • Phone call 613-549-6666 or toll free 1-800-567-5722
  • Enter the extension of your oncologist's medical secretary.
  • Describe your concern to the medical secretary.
  • The medical secretary will communicate your concern to your nurse or doctor. 

After 4:30 p.m. or any time on weekends and holidays

  • Phone call 613-549-6666 or toll free 1-800-567-5722
  • Press ‘0’ to speak with the switchboard operator
  • Tell the switchboard operator your oncologist’s name and they will page the on-call doctor for you. 
  • The switchboard operator will ask for your name and telephone number and the on-call doctor will phone you back.  There is only one on-call doctor for each team, so your call may not be returned immediately.
  • The on-call doctor may not know all your personal health information, like your diagnosis or medications. Use your Patient Binder for information. 

If at any time your problem is a medical emergency or if you don’t know what to do go directly to your nearest emergency department.