Get involved

We are continually working to improve the patient experience and what better way to do than by working with you and your family directly to help us every step of the way. In our region, patients, families and healthcare providers work together to improve cancer care and the patient experience. We do this because you and your family have experienced care first-hand and you know what in our cancer care system works and what doesn't.

There are a number of ways we are working to engage with our patients and families and we encourage you to get involved and provide feedback. You can get involved in everything from planning cancer care to helping us hire cancer care providers. In the meantime, if you have feedback about your experience at KGH you can share your thoughts, comments or concerns with our Patient relations department

Regional Patient and Family Advisory Council

There is also a regional council of volunteers that are working to improve the experience of cancer patients all across Southeastern Ontario. Each member of this committee has also experienced care as a patient, family member or as a care-giver. For more information on this council, visit the South East Cancer Care website

Kingston Health Sciences Centre - Patient and Family Advisory Council

The Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) Patient and Family Advisory Council and now our Patient Experience Advisor program is embedded in the very fabric of our organization. More than 60 advisors are partnering with individuals and teams at KHSC to help transform the patient experience. They bring their unique perspective as patients to improve quality, safety and service in every area of the organization. The presence of Patient Experience Advisors has shifted the conversation in our hospital. We no longer talk about doing things to or for patients, we talk about doing things with them. If you would like to become a Patient Experience Advisor, you can contact our program lead our Patient- and Family-Centred Care office at 613-549-6666 extension 3122.