Contact us - Cardiac Care

Contacting a patient

To locate a patient that has been admitted to a Cardiac inpatient unit at KGH you may call our voice activated Patient Locating system at 613-549-6666 extension 2367. You will be asked for the legal first and last name of the patient you wish to contact. If the system can locate that patient, you will be automatically transferred to the phone in their room. If you already know which Cardiac unit your family member or friend has been admitted to, you may also call that unit directly at:

  • Davies 3 - 613-548-2324
  • Kidd 3 - 613-548-2318
  • Cardiac Sciences Unit - 613-548-2325
  • Cardiovascular Lab - 613-549-6666 extension 4813

KGH site Cardiac contact information

Cardiac Care clinics:
Device clinic / ECHO on Armstrong 3
613-549-6666 extension 3980

Cardiac Care Coordinators for cardiac surgery and TAVI procedures:
613-548-1399 extension 1
Toll free 1-800-567-5722 extension 6926

Cardiac Care Coordinator for cardiac angiogram:
613-548-1399 extension 2

Cardiac Care Coordinator for rhythm devices and ablation:
613-548-1399 extension 3

Cardiac Program Nurse Practitioners:
Surgery - 613-549-6666 extension 3230
Other – 613-533-6000 extension 74185

HDH site Cardiac contact information

Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre:
Phone: 613-544-3400 Ext. 3123
Fax: 613-544-4749