Heart Clinics

Most of KHSC's heart care clinics are located at our Hotel Dieu Hospital site at 166 Brock Street. These clinics provide services and complete medical procedures or tests that can be done in a medical centre and do not require an overnight stay for recovery. Patients must be referred to these clinics by a doctor or other healthcare professional.

Clinic Listing

Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Arrhythmia Clinic

Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre

General Cardiology 

Heart Function Clinic

Inherited Heart Rhythm Clinic

Interventional Cardiology

Rapid Assessment Clinic


Preparing for appointments

When you have an appointment with your cardiologist, we know there can be a lot to keep in mind. To help your appointment go as smoothly as possible, we have created the following list to help you prepare: 

  • Make sure to always bring your health card, also known as your OHIP card, to all your appointments.
  • Bring your appointment slip. It includes the time and date of your appointment.
  • Bring a list of all your current medications (including name, dose, and frequency) with you to your appointment, or all of the medications you are currently taking, in their original drugstore containers. Make sure to include insulin, over-the-counter medications, any prescribed creams or eye drops, herbal remedies, vitamins and inhalers. This information is very important for your cardiologist and can ensure accuracy in your medical record. Also, write down any medications to which you are allergic. 
  • If you know you will be admitted to the hospital following your appointment, bring a robe and supportive footwear plus non-scented toiletries.
  • Write down your family health history. This should include any health issues for close relatives such as parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and children. We want to know if any of any members of your family have been diagnosed with heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or an aneurysm. A family history, including the cause of death for relatives, can provide clues as to what illnesses/conditions you may be at risk for developing.
  • If you have them, bring in copies of any recent lab results and any other test results from the past year. This will help avoid any unnecessary extra tests.
  • Write down a list of the questions you have and bring it with you to your appointment. Focus on the top three or four questions you would like to have addressed during your visit. Even though this might seem silly, it is easy to get sidetracked during a medical appointment. 
  • To help keep yourself organized, consider putting all this information into a folder so it’s easy to access during your visit.

Where do I go when I arrive?

All adult and pediatric echocardiograms (standard, transesophageal, dobutamine, stress), bike stress testing and device appointments are held on the third floor of the Kingston General Hospital (KGH) site's Armstrong wing. You can contact the clinic by phone at 613-549-6666 extension 3980. See this map of the KGH site

Cardiac clinics are located at the Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) site in the Brock 1 clinic. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre can also be found at the HDH site in Johnson 1. See this map of the HDH site. ­­­

When will my appointment take place? 

You will receive a letter in the mail confirming the date, time and location of your appointment. A volunteer will also call you at home about a week before to remind you of your appointment. If you are not home when we call and we have left a message for you, please call us back to confirm your time.

Check, reschedule or cancel appointments

If you need to check your appointment time, reschedule your appointment or cancel your appointment, please call us using the number on your appointment slip.

If you have lost your appointment slip, please call 613-548-2342, or our toll-free number at 1-855-851-3490.

Preparing to leave

When the time comes for you to leave the hospital, we want to make sure you are as comfortable and prepared as possible. This is why every unit at the hospital will provide you with a discharge pamphlet with post-procedure information and a nurse will review this information with you. 

Depending on the reason for your appointment, (i.e. you've just undergone a procedure, or stayed overnight in the hospital) we suggest you arrange for a ride home ahead of time. If you were admitted to the hospital, you can generally expect to leave the hospital at 11 a.m. on the day your care team says you can go home.  

You may be referred to a cardiac rehabilitation program or another service in the community depending on your condition and the type of follow-up care you require. We will also give you follow-up instructions before you leave the hospital. If you have questions, please ask any member of your care team.