New Automated Drug Cabinets - up and running

News / Redevelopment
By Peter Jeffrey

The Automated Drug Cabinet project is picking up steam. Several cabinets were installed earlier this year in our Emergency Department. Now for the first time, cabinets are in place and working on our inpatient units as well, namely Kidd 4 and Davies 4 ICU.

Each machine carries a broad range of drugs that are commonly needed on the unit, along with specialty orders sent up for specific patients by the Pharmacy. To use the cabinets, staff select their patient's name using the included software program and then open the cabinet by swiping their fingerprint. The appropriate drawers then open up for them automatically.

"Nurses are required to make dozens of trips to get drugs for patients each shift and these cabinets have become a time saver for us," says Registered Nurse Randy Powell.

Next up to get an automated drug cabinet will be Kidd 7 on May 28, followed by Kidd 3 and Kidd 9 in June. The whole project is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2014.