People of KHSC: Jeffrey Lalonde

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If you ask Jeffrey Lalonde what he enjoys most about being a registered dietitian with #myKHSC, you’ll see his eyes light up and not even a mask can hide his smile.

“The patients of course,” he chuckles. “And my work colleagues, who are more like friends.”

Before we get more into the why, it’s important to understand what Lalonde and the Clinical Nutrition department does at the hospital.

“Registered dietitians help to optimize the nutrition status of patients. We make sure they stay nourished and help prevent malnutrition during their recovery.

“This may be with tube feeding or parenteral nutrition, loosening diet restrictions, or providing education on ways to help improve your diet to align with your medical condition.”

Lalonde mainly supports neurosciences and patients who have had a stroke, and has been since joining our organization almost two decades ago.

He says his patients constantly inspire him.

“I’m truly amazed by the resilience, kindness and even laughter so many of the patients and their families show despite the incredibly difficult situations they may be going through. 

"I remember watching a television show where the nurse said ‘people don’t want to be in a hospital and they could be having the worst day of their life.’ It’s something that really struck me. If I’m able to do anything to make things a little bit better for a patient or their family, then I’ve done my part.”

Lalonde adds his colleagues do their part to keep him smiling… and fed.  

“They provide support, make me laugh and most importantly bring in delicious food so I don’t live on bagels and baby carrots! I really enjoy coming to work.”

He clearly has a sense of humour and in honour of Dietitians Day on March 15, he’s sharing this fun fact.

“Most dietitians are food lovers and we’re definitely NOT the food police. We never actually look in or give any thought to what is in your cart when we see you at the grocery store.”

Help show some love for Lalonde and all #myKHSC dietitians! They truly are making a difference in the lives of our patients and their families, and we’re so grateful to have them on our team. Happy Dietitians Day!