People of KHSC: Joanna Elliott

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Have you ever met someone who just beams positivity?

Like they’re always in a good mood and anytime you connect with them you’re left feeling energized?

That’s Joanna Elliott. She’s an administrative assistant with #myKHSC’s Ambulatory Care program, but her title should probably be kindness specialist.

“Showing kindness is so important to me because I know on those days when I might not be feeling 100 per cent, being on the receiving end of kindness from someone else turns my day around.”

Elliott may be a natural optimist, but she puts in the extra work to keep her mind and body healthy.

She loves to cook and experiment with new ingredients and recipes. She also teaches spin classes at GoodLife Fitness.

She’s a hustler who is grounded in gratitude. And one of the things she’s grateful for, is getting to work with a team of women at KHSC who inspire her 24/7.

“We’ve been fortunate to develop a lovely team here at Hotel Dieu Hospital and the best part of my job is helping the wonderful women I work with. Having the opportunity to work with and learn from these impactful and intelligent women makes me feel very fortunate.”

And it’s one of the reasons why Elliott goes the extra mile not only for her team, but also the patients she interacts with.

“I am proud of the work I do. I always try and think about the patient, caregiver or loved one who is trying to navigate our health-care system without a health-care worker’s level of knowledge.

“I really enjoy speaking with our patients because we get so much valuable input from them, and we make adjustments based on their feedback.

“I hope the work I do and the work our program does helps patients have a positive and therapeutic experience at their appointments, and leave with knowledge and care that allows them to thrive at home.”

Elliott is living proof that kindness really is contagious and we’re thankful she’s part of the #myKHSC team.