Kimberley Dickinson is pictured holding a broom in a hallway at the HDH site. She has blonde, shoulder length hair and is wearing blue scrubs and mask.
Don’t let Kimberley Dickinson’s height fool you. When it comes to compassion and spreading positivity, she is a giant among us.
Matthew Manor/KHSC

There’s a popular phrase professional baseball player Marcus Stroman coined – ‘height doesn’t measure heart’.

And that’s certainly the case for Kimberley Dickinson. Standing tall at a mighty 4 feet 10 inches, the Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) environmental services assistant is like a ray of sunshine, beaming positivity everywhere she goes at Hotel Dieu Hospital.

“Sometimes when I’m pushing a linen cart or full garbage bin people think it’s pushing itself, but it’s actually me,” she chuckles. “I always say good things come in small packages.”

She clearly has a sense of humour, but it’s her kindness that puts her in a league of her own.

“I love to craft and surprise people with the little things I make, just because. Sometimes we have bad days and it’s nice to see my colleagues smile at the little gestures.”

Dickinson channels that same cheerful spirit in her work.

She may not provide direct patient care, but the role she and her teammates have is an important one.

“I’m responsible for sanitizing and cleaning the areas I’m assigned, and keeping it safe for everyone who comes through the doors. I’m sanitizing surfaces, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping and mopping. In patient areas I’m making the beds, taking the garbage out and getting it ready for the next person.

“My colleagues and I make sure everything is clean and sanitized so when staff come in the next morning, they can jump right in and do their jobs with no worries.”

Dickinson adds she’s proud of the work she does.

“I love that I get to move around and meet different people, I never get bored. It’s great when a patient says ‘thanks for all you do’ while waiting for their appointment. It makes your day and shows us what we do matters.

“I love what I do and it’s a great place to work.”

And we’re lucky to have an all-star like her on our team.