Clinical Trials and Research Studies

As part of our academic mission, we support and nurture clinical trials and research studies that require clinical laboratory support.  We provide access to sophisticated instruments and analyzers, up to date methodologies and techniques in a fully accredited safe laboratory environment. Our end product is often a “test result”, but it is the navigation of the laboratory medicine system and the interpretation of laboratory studies by our highly specialized technical and professional staff that provides added value to researchers throughout the hospital as well as reassurance to external agencies regarding the high quality of our laboratory services.  Our researchers may have confidence that the data obtained are reliable and valid. We take every effort to ensure that research protocols are stringently followed to support all of our researchers’ needs.

All clinical trials and research studies performed at Kingston General Hospital need to be approved using the Queen's TRAQ DSS research application.  This is to safeguard the confidentiality of patient information used for this purpose, and to protect the hospital, as a corporate institution, against liability from patients, staff and third parties. In addition, researchers need to complete and submit a KHSC-KGH Clinical Laboratories - Study Request Form as a source of additional information for our Department. We strongly encourage researchers to contact us in the early stages of their protocol and budget development to ensure that their studies are set up properly, regardless of whether the study will utilize our clinical laboratory services or not.

Complete documentation must be provided to the Clinical Laboratories’ Research Coordinator, so that all clinical trial and research applications can be processed in a timely manner and to minimize any delays.

To access the KHSC-KGH Clinical Laboratories - Study Request Form please click here.