Orientation, Placement and Training

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are not recruiting volunteers at this time.  Please watch this page for updated information.

As part of the intake steps that follow participation in the Information Session and Interview, volunteers will be asked to complete the following seven (7) eLearning modules. We encourage you to make notes of questions you have so that we can fill in any gaps in your knowledge base.

If you're unable to access the modules, then please contact Volunteer Services.

1) Volunteer Orientation: This course will provide you details about the online modules as well as an overview of Volunteer Services. Click here to launch this module.

2) Communicate with H.E.A.R.T.: This course will teach you the best way to communicate with patients, families, other volunteers, and employees at KHSC. Click here to launch this module.

3) Accessibility at KHSC: This course covers the different policies and practices regarding accessibility at KHSC. Click here to launch this module.

4) Health and Safety: This course will provide you information regarding Health and Safety policies at KHSC in order to help keep you safe while you volunteer. Click here to launch this module.

5) Emergency Codes: This course teaches you the different policies regarding the Emergency Codes at KHSC and some strategies for emergency preparedness. Click here to launch this module.

6) Privacy Review: This course discusses the importance of patient and personal privacy and the different strategies and policies in place to ensure that privacy is maintained. Click here to launch this module.

7) Volunteer Scope and Boundaries. This course will guide you through several scenarios to test your knowledge of the topics above. Click here to launch this module.

When you have completed the final module, you must CLICK HERE to let Volunteer Services know that you have completed all seven modules. We’ll update your application package to indicate that you have completed this step.



Once you have completed all of the steps outlined on the Application Process page, our Coordinator will connect with you to start working out your volunteer placement.

We'll start by looking at the program preferences and time availability indicated during your interview compared to the current list of shift vacancies at the time. If we can't find a match, the volunteer can select another option and be put on a waiting list for the preferred choice. 

Sometimes volunteers are unsure of what they would like to do or indicate equal preference in a number of areas.  In that case, we arrange an exploratory shift where the new volunteer shadows an experienced volunteer in various settings before choosing a top-preference area for training. 


Once a placement has been determined, the Coordinator will arrange training between the new volunteer and a volunteer Program Mentor and/or a staff member from the program or service the applicant is volunteering with.  Volunteers are encouraged to continue training shifts until they feel comfortable enough to work independently.

For information about the areas where volunteers support patients and families, please visit the Volunteer Roles & Time Commitment page of this website.

Ongoing Learning

Click here for a list of upcoming learning sessions and presentations for current KHSC staff, volunteers, learners and Patient Experience Advisors

Volunteers can also take advantage of other KHSC learning opportunities posted in the Volunteer Services office and listed in the weekly eNewsletter