Sheyi Badmos is pictured standing in a hallway at the Kingston General Hospital Site. He’s Black, has short-dark hair, a beard, and wears glasses. He’s wearing a grey, pinstriped, button down shirt.
Sheyi Badmos believes it’s important to promote groups like the Black Staff Community Group at KHSC, so individuals from all cultures and backgrounds can find a community within a community, and a sense of belonging.
Matthew Manor

10 members strong, the Black Staff Community Group at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) has a noble mission: to help create a safe space where people can come together and feel a sense of belonging.

“It’s a common narrative that many staff who identify as Black don’t feel a sense of community, since KHSC is so big,” explains Sheyi Badmos, the group’s leadership sponsor.

“We’re an organization of people, and when people can connect with each other and find a sense of belonging, we have a more engaged KHSC.

"We’re hoping the Black Staff Community Group is the beginning to connect people to share their cultures and experiences.”

A division of KHSC’s Inclusion Steering Council, the group formed less than a year ago in March 2023, and meets on a monthly basis.

Members represent a variety of roles from all over the organization. Take Badmos for example, he’s a clinical information services director.

“Reflecting on KHSC’s new ‘This is the Place’ branding, I think it’s important we continue to promote groups like ours so people of all backgrounds, experiences and cultures can come here and integrate well.

“We welcome folks to join the networking and discussions. Whether your background is African or Caribbean, we invite you. In the future as the group matures, our vision is to support and advocate for engagements for individuals who identify as Black.”

Including Black History and Futures Month, an evolution of Black History Month, which kicks off on Feb. 1.

“Black history can get lost in the broad sense with regards to Canadian history overall. It needs to be celebrated because it raises awareness to the history of oppression of Black individuals. It also showcases the successes of those brave and courageous individuals, who challenged the oppression to give space for me and others to be here.

“It also highlights the contributions of Black individuals today, and the continued efforts to strengthen the future. We need to bring that education locally to Kingston and KHSC, and celebrate those successes here too.”

And we’ll start by congratulating the achievements of the Black Staff Community Group and the amazing work members are doing to build a community, while helping individuals find a sense of belonging at KHSC.