Celebrating a Canadian first

News / Technology
By John Pereira

Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) has become the first hospital in Canada to implement Ulrich CT Motion Injectors from GE Healthcare, which are innovative systems that deliver contrast dye to patients during computed tomography (CT) scans. 

The syringeless and wireless injectors are designed to be mobile so they can be moved around the department and improve patient safety, increase image accuracy, and reduce set-up time each day for KHSC staff.

“CT is a fast-paced environment, and these new injectors require a lot less time and effort to operate and clean, compared our older systems,” says Nathan Tompkins, Director of Diagnostic Imaging at KHSC. “Not only are these new injectors quicker and easier to use, but they improve patient safety with features that detect air in the system and allow us to inject contrast at lower pressures than we could before. These systems also require less contrast for each injection, which is an important consideration with the global contrast shortage everyone in the industry has experienced since the spring.”

CT scans are a workhorse diagnostic tool at KHSC, with anywhere between 50-70 patients scanned each day. They are commonly used to help medical teams visualize tumors, strokes, appendicitis, colitis, bowel obstructions as well as vascular and cardiac conditions.

As the largest Diagnostic Imaging department in the region, KHSC’s teams are continually working to find new and innovative ways to offer world-class imaging to benefit patients from across Southeastern Ontario. This includes the ongoing adoption of new technology.

“While our physical buildings are some of the oldest in Canada, we work hard to ensure our teams have access to emerging technology that ensures we remain at the cutting-edge of care in the province,” says Dr. Renate Ilse, KHSC’s Chief Operating Officer. “Innovation is a core principle in our hospital strategy and our Diagnostic Imaging team is a shining example of our willingness to try new things and keep improving on our already excellent patient care.”

The new Ulrich CT motion injectors went into operation in late October and have already proven to be highly effective in delivering patient care at KHSC’s Kingston General Hospital site.