Creating a new vision for cancer care at KGH

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By Matthew Manor

New strategy to dovetail with KGH 2015: Strategy for achieving Outstanding Care, Always.

The view from Brenda Carter's office is getting more interesting by the day. She's the Regional Vice President for the South East Regional Cancer Program, and her office overlooks the newly opened lobby in the Burr wing.

But the modern, new cancer centre taking shape around her is just part of the picture. Something else is on the horizon that will help bring the high-tech space to life - an official strategy for cancer care at KGH.

It's a great opportunity to bring together the various actors and stakeholders within the hospital to talk about what outstanding cancer care at KGH will look like by 2015, says Carter. Already, we've had some great discussions about our vision for acute, complex and specialty cancer care.

The process began in April when Carter and her team gathered more than 60 leaders involved in cancer care around the hospital for an initial strategy-building session. Following that session, a steering committee was formed to help provide guidance and oversight of the strategy development process. Together they distilled what they heard and will soon be engaging everyone in the continuum of cancer care, from radiologists and pathologists, to surgeons, to oncologists, to nurses and social workers to get their input.

Some of our Patient Experience Advisors will also be involved.

This process is giving us a reason to get in one room together and have dialogue about the future in a way we probably haven't before, says Carter. It allows for relationship building and really understanding the various perspectives that are going to be important to bringing this cancer care strategy to life.

The cancer program will be the first program at our hospital to develop its own strategy that aligns to the overarching KGH 2015 strategy. That document, and its four strategic directions, will be the framework that Carter and her team will use, but it's not the only plan they will take into account.

They will also dovetail their new strategy with the latest Ontario Cancer Plan (OCP) created by Cancer Care Ontario, as well as the soon to be launched South East Regional Cancer Plan that flows from it.

The cancer care at KGH strategy is going to be a snapshot of what our role is in improving quality, safety and service for cancer patients and families under the umbrella of KGH, says Carter.

Upcoming strategy discussions will also focus on the role of research and our new model of patient and family centred care.

After that, Carter's team and the steering committee will synthesize the feedback, prioritize initiatives and develop a strategy framework. This will be validated again by cancer care stakeholders.

The plan is to launch the final strategy by the end of this fiscal year.