Local artist donates to two paintings to Cancer Centre

News / Work Place & Environment / Cancer Care
By Peter Jeffrey

Art to improve hospital experience for patients and visitors

KGH has many pieces of art on display, and each plays an important role in our hospital setting. Not only do they brighten up our many public spaces, they also can give people a lift when they need it most.

Two new paintings are now doing just that in our Cancer Centre. They are called Out of the Blue and The Charlotte Claire: Three Trawlers and they were recently donated to KGH by Brockville artist Robert Shackles. Shackles’ work was recently showcased in the KGH Art Gallery that runs along the Kidd 1 hallway. After the show was over he offered to donate two of his pieces. 

“I saw firsthand the impact art can have on people in a busy hospital and it inspired me to help out,” says Shackles. “People spending time in KGH can often use a diversion and art can momentarily divert peoples’ thoughts from the medical reason they are there. It can stir memories and well-crafted and colourful works can excite the senses.” 

Shackles then left it up to staff in the Cancer Centre, Patient Experience Advisors, and the KGH Art Committee to choose the two pieces. 

“It was a hard choice as there were so many impressive pieces in Bob’s recent show to pick from. The two that were chosen are now hanging in the Cancer Centre waiting room on Burr 1 for the enjoyment of patients and visitors,” says Jill Holland-Reilly, Director of Volunteer Services and chair of the KGH Art Committee. “It’s a great example of how partnering with people in our vibrant community can help make KGH a more warm and welcoming place for everyone.”

As for the KGH Art Gallery, it’s now showing works by photographer Gillian Little, including her Ripple series and Building series. A portion of each piece sold goes towards helping KGH build and maintain our art collection.

If you would like to learn more, donate art or purchase a piece, contact Jill Holland-Reilly at 613-549-6666 ext. 2359.