New KGH website on the way

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By John Pereira

Site will help patients and families navigate programs and services

Think back to the last time you visited a new restaurant or hotel. Before you left home, did you look at their website to see what the place looked like, what was on the menu, or where to park? Our patients and their families do the same thing when they learn they’ll be coming to Kingston General Hospital to deliver a baby, undergo surgery or simply have a test completed. They want to know what to expect, before they arrive.

That’s why KGH is working to launch a new website later this summer that will focus on the information that is important to patients and their families.

“We have engaged hundreds of people across the hospital, including patients and families, to help us better understand what kind of information should be on our site,” says Theresa MacBeth, Director of Strategy Management and Communications. “We’ve heard loud and clear that the site should be easy to access, include the information that is helpful to patients and allow them to easily navigate our programs and services.”

That includes information such as what kind of care will they be receiving, what each person on their care team does, what their experience will be like and how to get around the hospital. The old website, which was launched back in 2010, wasn’t delivering this information in a patient- and family-centred way.

“Our website is actually one of the most efficient communication tools we have available and is one of the easiest ways we can share information with our patients and their families. In fact, we have an average of 8,000 visitors to the site each week.” says MacBeth. “For many people it may be their first impression of KGH, so we want to ensure it’s a good one and provides them with the information they are looking for.”

To help bring the new website to life, KGH has hired Digital Echidna, a web design company that has extensive experience in building health care websites. The Strategy Management and Communications Department has also held dozens of focus groups and departmental engagement sessions to come up with a blueprint for the new site. Those sessions included interprofessional representatives, as well as Patient Experience Advisors.

“We are confident that through this process, we will end up with a site that is helpful to our patients and their families, as well as other individuals, such as those who are interested in working, learning or volunteering at KGH,” says MacBeth.