New wireless technology improving safety at KGH

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By Karl Oczkowski

There are more than 1,000 pieces of fire safety equipment sprinkled throughout Kingston General Hospital, and making sure they are all ready for action can be quite the task. But a new wireless technology is now streamlining the monthly inspection job for our Security department.

It's called Secure Trax and to get things started a microchip or 'tag' was installed on every fire hose, fire extinguisher and fire blanket across KGH.

Security staff can now monitor these important pieces of equipment in just moments using a smartphone that scans the tags. The data collected is then tracked and managed by a computer software program.

"ìThis type of verification is a great check-and-balance," says Tom Davis, Manager of Security, Access Control, Life Safety and Special Projects. "It allows us to be proactive instead of reacting to concerns about equipment. We know nothing has been missed, and we can see exactly where we left off on our inspection rounds if we get called away for an emergency."

Secure Trax has allowed Davis and his team to establish zones and inspection schedules with a new level of detail. And the data gathered by the system is already being used to support our safety inspections with Kingston's Fire Department.

"The most important thing for staff to know is that they can now contact me directly with concerns about fire equipment," says Davis. "With all of the information stored digitally at our fingertips, I'll be able to immediately tell you when the equipment was last inspected and when it's due for servicing."

Coming soon will be phase two of the Secure Trax installation at KGH, which will see tags installed on emergency procedure manuals, our emergency lighting and flashlight kits.