People of KHSC: Alex Paudyn

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By Nikki Jhutti

Portraits of caring, compassion and commitment.

Right above Alex Paudyn’s KHSC ID badge you’ll find a pin that says “I’ve got your back” and she means every single word.

As a patient care assistant with the orthopedic surgical unit, she mainly assists and sets patients up for success with daily living activities.

“Everything from personal hygiene or grooming to getting ready for the day and eating,” explains Paudyn. 

“I’ve had patients as young as 18 to 103. The best part of my job is helping someone get back to whatever their normal was before they came to us or better, or helping them accept and adapt to their new normal. 

"It makes me so proud when my patients walk to the bathroom, down the hallway, or upstairs. It means our team work has paid off."

Perhaps it was the five years she played varsity rugby or the fact she worked with Queen’s University Athletics and continues to coach, but Paudyn understands the importance of teamwork.

That’s why the blue pin she sports is also for her colleagues on Kidd 6.

“I love having a home floor. Sometimes it feels like I spend more time with my work family than I do my actual family, so it’s very beneficial to love where you work. I have their backs and they have mine.

“The sheer amount of patient care I’ve learned since coming here is unbelievable to me and I’m very grateful for the mentors I’ve had to help get me to where I am today.”

And how she got to KHSC five years ago is an interesting story.

Paudyn has three advanced diplomas and certificates, but after years of working retail she decided to become a personal support worker (PSW).

“I wanted something more out of life and to make a difference in someone else’s. Halfway through the program my Dad’s Mom, my Bubcia, was diagnosed with dementia and needed long-term care. I was able to help my family understand everything a little better and was there for them when things got overwhelming. 

"That experience helps me perform better at my job because I’ve been on the other side. I make sure the patient’s family is okay too.

“To me KHSC has always been a prestigious place to work. I love my job and am grateful to have my career here.”

And we’re appreciative knowing Paudyn is part of the #myKHSC team and has our backs.

Help give it up for Paudyn and all PSWs in honour of Personal Support Worker Day on May 19! They make such a difference and we can’t thank them enough for the vital services they provide at KHSC.