People of KHSC: Dr. Yuka Asai

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Portraits of caring, compassion and commitment.

Compassionate concern for patients’ welfare and happiness ✔

Exhibits and performs outstanding patient care ✔

Positive effect on others ✔

Those are just some of the reasons why Dr. Yuka Asai was named the 2021 Derm of the Year by the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance, but trust us the list could go on and on.

“I was surprised and honoured,” says Dr. Asai. “This group does great advocacy work and patient education for those affected by dermatologic conditions across Canada, so they work with many excellent dermatologists. It was really a pleasant surprise to be recognized.”

For the last 12 years, the dermatologist has been helping patients improve their quality of life by treating their skin, hair and nail conditions.

“Most people do not get an accurate idea of what dermatologists do from television or social media,” she explains. “Each patient is unique and their concerns are like a puzzle. The goal is to figure out their puzzle so people can leave my office feeling better than when they came in. I enjoy that connection with my patients.”

There’s no denying she’s passionate about her field and credits a fellow colleague for helping her find her calling.

“I had the good fortune to have a great mentor who demonstrated to me how fascinating the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions can be, gave me a taste of the scientific complexity of the skin, and showed me the impact you can have caring for people with skin conditions.”

Her humble spirit and dedication to dermatology are more examples of why she’s so deserving of this honour, and why we’re fortunate to have Dr. Asai on the Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s team.